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photo essay “battle at the courtyard”

I joined the online course at World Press Photo Academy – Connected Learning – and try to keep up with weekly assignments. Here is my story of local wins and falls when the weather plays the hardest.

Here is the task itself:

“Find a local park, a street corner, a playground or an outside place of your choice. Spend 2 or 3 hours shooting activities in the place. Try and experiment with ideas outlined in thebasic practice and composition and light lessons above. Edit your final pictures down to 10 images and post a link to them in the comments of the assignment post”.

When we had this task to go local and made some pictures on the spot I thought of two things: wish it gets warmer and maybe I should try to make pictures of ice-hockey players who play in the courtyard every day?

I never imagined I will be that lucky. It truly got warmer and there was this snow blizzard. I decided I can’t miss a chance.

Guess this work is done after the 3rd module “Photography editing”. I might say that choosing pictures and placing them in the right order was the most difficult part. This article helped me to make my mind. I look forward the comments of mentors and participants on what I did.

I am admired by the stubbornness of those players. That’s a genuine wish to just play no matter what. “Think process, not progress” philosophy. Also for me this story is like a contrast to Olympic games with all huge stadiums and obsession with gold. It is just a game as it is. Not fancy, just a game.




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