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Introducing English blog

I’ve been thinking for quite a long time how to implement English blogging into my whole system. Not the easiest part. I decided to make a separate category here on my blog and mark it separately in the menu. For those who prefer to read in Russian, don’t worry I will not neglect this part.

And well… hi to my English speaking friends. You are welcome to read, to leave comments. My first blog was at livejournal platform, I started it when I was a student in University. Back then everybody got a livejournal.  There was this period of time when it crashed down every time. It pissed me off so I forgot about blogging for quite a while. Since maybe couple of years I have blogged here on standalone site with translation wherever and whenever I fancied it.

I need a blog in English to participate in online studies, contests and commisions and to talk to people who don’t speak Russian.

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