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It’s mid-2018 and I am back

So I am back to Finland, but this time everything is special. I am here with my friends for the first time ever. I didn’t post for ages, because life was busy. Since these last post many things are no more and many are new.

The idea of a blog never left my mind though. It seems that I need some space of my own to explore my mind, share my work and life bits. I am extremely anxious about all sharing, I realised it recently. So I was postponing revival of my blog for long.

Funny part of the story is that I even lost my domen name and now there are Turkish prostitutes on my old site. I didn’t want to change veragolosova part of it, so I was thinking hard on what extension to choose. So now it is http://veragolosova.pro, which sound epic and very motivational to me.

Finally this will be one and only site/portfolio/blog/my turf on the internet about stuff I do. I fancy new social media and platforms, but I don’t feel like seriously investing time into any of it. With a toddler one has to make sharp decisions on how to spend time. Setting priorities was never that easy to me.  Slowly but surely things that interfere with my intentions go away – activities, people, habits.


So hi again, hope for long this time. I did a lot of beautiful arts for my clients, I started video blog (soon to be published), new collaboration is coming, so I hope to be sharing as much as possible of all the stuff that amaze me and make me proud or not so proud. Vulnerability in action, yay.

First picture by me, second by my friend Marina Kozinaki.

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