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i was in the woods today

This first spring with  еру bebe already feels very special to me. Each day is full of well… life. Today I’ve walked a lot. And I talked a lot. And listened too.


(credits: Alexandra Burdakova)

We walked in the woods with a friend, and I couldn’t stop marveling at the beauty of nature. We are lucky to still have a bit of woods inside of the city. With so many construction sites all around the green patches on the map are shrinking. But we need the air, we need the freedom of thought walking in the woods gives us.

I am very grateful that I have a park nearby my home, but forest is so much better, so full of life.

My another friend told me today, that she is so full of thoughts and ideas, but they are mostly too vague even for her to understand. She said she need more talking and describing those thoughts to somebody and to herself. And I think that walking in the woods helps to find right words.

Why am I saying all that? I realised that my head is also too full of stuff, but when I want to nail it, it evaporates or hides in the corners of my mind. And I want this blog to become a place where I explore my soul and brain. And to remind me to go to the woods more often.



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