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For crazy mums out there

I knew that I won’t be that kind of mum who sits solemnly at home, cleans the place and cooks. Maybe I would wanted to, but that is not my nature. I’d say fortunately. 

It’s 10am, Sunday, I ride city bus express to meet my mom and to go to City Botanical Garden (Apothecary Garden is its name). There will be a flower exhibition and my mom was interested in going. So I said why not? It’s time to introduce baby Lucas to the world of nature and gardening. Joking, he most probably wouldn’t find it that exciting. But I do, so I see no reason to stay at home. Besides my lil sis will also come, she just been to CERN with some work/science mumbojumbo thing and I am curious and hungry for her stories.

You as well might ask – why not to ask dad to entertain the baby while mum enjoy the day it? Well, we do it from time to time, but today Ariel does capoeira event all day. Also the tricky thing is that when I go out without my little companero I just have 4-5 hours, because breastfeeding. I have to pump in advance and sometimes the quantity of precious liquid is not that easy to predict.

So despite weird weather we decided we can do it. I finish this post on my way home. I think I’m a pro at public transportation now. We decided that it is too early to get baby down under the ground to the city metro bowels. So I hop from bus to tram to trolley. 

And when I say weird weather I mean extreme changes from heavy snow to rain to wind to blazing sun. April, you are drunk.

So I encourage mums to be brave, build and creative. For those about to rock I salute you! Fire! 

Credits for the picture goes to my mom.

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